Zebra Value

Affordable Routine Treatments

Zebra Value  is low-cost quality dentistry by Zebra Dental.

We want to make dental treatment affordable to everyone, and with Value prices, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ve kept the price as low as we possibly can, so that everyone can benefit from quality dental treatment, with caring dentists and a professional team.

Call 01539 447346 and ask to be a Zebra Value dental patient today.


Value Dental Check Up £25
(0-6 years) £5
(7-16 years) £12
Scale (at check up) £15
X-Ray £5
OPG £55
Value Hygienist Appointment £50 inc scale & polish
Value Metal Filling (back teeth)  
Small £30
Medium £50
Large £75
Value White Filling (front teeth) £50
Value Root Filling  
Front Teeth £75
Pre Molar £150
Molar £225
Value Metal Crown £200
Value White Crown £250
Extraction £50
Value Plastic Dentures  
Full Denture From £300
Part Denture From £150

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