Practice Policies

Health and safety

Our team regularly attends training courses to ensure your Health and Safety in all instances. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard both patients and staff against all infections.

Contamination control is also essential to the safety of our patients. Every practice member receives training in practice systems for contamination control.

We follow recommended guidelines with regard to the sterilisation of instruments and the use of disposable items.

We provide the highest standards of infection control are constantly updating in all areas of continued development including Basic Life Support training.

Passionate about patient care

Zebra Dental aims to provide dental care of a consistent quality, for all patients. We have management systems to help us and which define each practice member’s responsibilities when looking after you.

In proposing treatment we will take account of your own wishes. We will explain options, where appropriate, and costs, so that you can make an informed choice. We will always explain what we are doing.

We will do all we can to look after your general health. We will ask you about your general health, and about any medicines being taken. This helps us to treat you safely. We keep all information about you confidential.

We screen all patients for mouth cancer at routine checkups. We ask patients about tobacco and alcohol use because they increase your oral cancer risk.

Practice working methods are reviewed regularly at meetings of all staff. We encourage all staff to make suggestions for improving the care we give patients.

We regularly ask patients for their views on our services. We have systems for dealing promptly with patient complaints and for ensuring that lessons are learnt from any mistakes that we make.

All dentists in the practice take part in continuing professional education, meeting the General Dental Council’s requirements.

All staff joining the practice are given training in practice-wide procedures. Once a year, there is an individual review of training needs for everyone in the practice.

All members of the practice know of the need to ensure that dentists are working safely. In the unlikely event that a dentist in this practice becomes unfit to practice, we have systems to ensure that concerns are investigated and, if necessary, acted upon.

Code of Good Practice

In our practice we will:

In our practice we will:

In return, we would like you to:

Complaints Procedure

Zebra Dental operates a practice based complaints system that suits the practice and meets the nationally agreed criteria for practice complaints systems.

Handling complaints well can lead to greater satisfaction and improved services for patients.  At the same time the practice is aware that dealing with complaints can at times be stressful and difficult.  The practice believes that a good system for dealing with complaints, supported by staff and dentists is very important.  Every member of the practice team needs to understand the procedure.  Comments and suggestions are also valuable. Patients often have good ideas about improving facilities and complaints within the practice, rather than allow a grumble to turn into something that has to be investigated by the Health Authority.


The objectives of the practice system are to:

Enable patients to express comments, suggestions and complaints to the practice when they feel dissatisfied with the service provided:

Provide patients with an explanation of what has happened: to make, where appropriate, an apology: and to give an assurance that the practice has taken steps to prevent the problem recurring, where this is possible.

Contact with people who make a complaint

While one of the practising partners will be responsible for administering the complaints system, any member if the team may find that he/she is the first point of contact for someone who wishes to complain.  All members of staff should, be familiar with the Complaints procedure.

Dealing with people who are distressed or angry is not easy and the first contact in these situations is very important.

If the practice is unable to resolve a complaint, the patient can be referred to the British Dental Health Foundation’s Word of Mouth Advice Line on 0870 333 1188.