Welcome to Zebra Dental

Why Zebra we hear you ask, because Zebra Dental’s team have set out to create a practice where everything, from logo to treatment costs, is black and white.

Patients living in the Windermere area can look forward to high quality, affordable  routine, cosmetic and advanced dental treatments by Zebra Dental.

Beyond being as black and white as a Zebra, our practice can be summarised as taking fresh approach private dental services with no hidden costs.

You’ll discover that whether you’re receiving ‘advanced’ or ‘value’ treatments, you’ll find our team aim to provide high quality patient focused service in a non intrusive friendly atmosphere. We provide a five star customer service to deliver a patient journey from consultations to final treatment in an efficient and informative manner. No problem or question goes unanswered so all of our patients can feel relaxed about their dental health decisions.

Forget concerns you may have about Private Dentistry prices..

Zebra Dental has set out to tackle your concerns with three completely black and white price brackets – Zebra ValueZebra Black, and Zebra Platinum so there are no  surprises post treatment. Alternatively, we also offer a Dental Membership Plan allowing you to budget for your dental health.

We look forward to welcoming you to the practice.  Call us today on 01539 447346 to book your appointment.